What is DoctorInsole?

DoctorInsole is a specially designed insole that was created to ease foot, ankle, knee, leg, hip, and back pain. Each DoctorInsole is made of four distinct layers:
  1. The bottom layer is a synthetic suede bottom cover. It’s designed to prevent the insole from slipping once it’s inside your shoe while increasing the longevity of the insole itself.
  2. The next layer is a semi-rigid, neutral shell. The shell’s job is to position your foot into a more neutral, bio-mechanically efficient position.
  3. The third layer is made of medical grade memory foam. Its job is to conform to the shape of your foot when you put weight on it, creating what the manufacturer describes as a “semi-custom fit.”
  4. The top layer is shock-resistant cover that protects your foot by providing rear foot and forefoot corrective comfort.


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